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.Dear colleagues,

Live Eyes Company has been manufacturing specialized artificial eyes for soft toys, different kinds of dolls and taxidermy since 2000.
We would be glad to offer cooperation in sales of our products to you!
In our range you can find the eyes of various forms, colors, patterns and sizes from 4 to 100 mm.
We have a special discount program for the wholesale orders of particular types of eyes:
5 - 9 pairs of one type – 10%,
10 - 14 pairs of one type – 20% ,
15 - 19 pairs of one type – 30%,
20 - 24 pairs of one type – 40%,
25 + pairs – 50%
All wholesale prices can be found above 'Add to cart' button on each product page.
For those companies and sole traders, who would like to sign agreements and pay by bank transfers, our online store would be a great tool to select and preorder our products. For this purpose we have a special option in our system – preordering without payment. Upon receiving such preorder and your bank details we would be able to create an agreement and packing specification, and issue an invoice.

You can work with us safely.Just give us a try!


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