It got easier to get discounted prices

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Dear friends, order our eyes at wholesale prices

Discounted prices now apply when you order 5 pairs or more in the following categories:

- All oval eyes

- Classic, fantasy, and slit pupil toy eyes

- All eyes in the Sale category

You have have to order just 25 pairs in these categories to get the maximum wholesale discount.

Payment currency

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Dear friends,

Our website shows prices in Belarussian rubles (with the equivalent in EUR or US dollars in parentheses). On the payment page, you will see the amount in rubles only. Please don't be afraid of the large amount, your credit card will only be charged for the equivalent you saw in the invoice. There can only be a small difference due to exchange rates used by your bank.

We are open!

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Dear friends, welcome to our new store! Ordering eyes has become much easier. Try and see for yourself, and please make sure to leave feedback!

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